Easy Way To Fix VBScript Stop Service Return Code

Easy Way To Fix VBScript Stop Service Return Code

If you have a vbscript stop service return code on your computer, we hope this guide will help you solve this problem.

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    Is VBScript still used?

    VBScript is taken. The once scripting language to partake in JavaScript in web browsers is now disabled by default when using Internet Explorer on all supported Windows brands following a recent Windows update. But VBScript has been suppressed for years.

    Shouldn’t be… If oNamesDict.Exists(UCASE(oFolder.Name))Then
    WScript.Echo "Renamed & thumb oFolder.Path & " " en & ofolder.ParentFolder.& path "" & oNamesDict.Item(UCase(oFolder.Name))
    oFolder.Name is equal to oNamesDict.Item(UCase(oFolder.Name))
    End if
    RenameSubFolders oFolder.Path, oNamesDict
    where ‘onames’ should be ‘oNamesDict’?

    Also pay attention to the specificUsing the CODE tag in my post. You must use this skill tag when posting code or a longer text series here on AppDeploy. This makes the post much easier to view and read.

    Look what I found…'// =================================== ================================================= ========
    '// Name: ControlServiceWMI
    '// Purpose: Manage services using WMI
    '// Input: strComputer - String is the computer on which we actually want to run the service. Zero means local machine
    '// strService - String - service name. If empty, this function uses strDisplayName
    '// strDisplayName String - the display name for this service. If empty, the function must use strService
    '// strOperation - String - exact operation for the service: START, STOP, PAUSE or CONTINUE
    '// intWaitTime - Integer - the number of cycles (actually the number of seconds to wait
    '// to reach 'strOperation' to complete
    '// Output: strError - String -- - contains the text of the error on unsuccessful operation
    '// Returns: True/False
    '//= ============================================= ===========================================
    Function ControlServiceWMI(ByVal strComputer, ByVal strService, ByVal strDisplayName, ByVal strOperation, ByVal intWaitTime, ByRef strError)

    '// Define WMI *state* constants, they will be used for the State
    property WMI_SERVICE_STOPPED constant = "Stopped"
    WMI_SERVICE_STARTED constant = "Starting"
    The WMI_SERVICE_START_PENDING constant means "Starting pending"
    Const WMI_SERVICE_STOP_PENDING = "Pending to stop"
    WMI_SERVICE_RUNNING constant = "Running"
    Const WMI_SERVICE_CONTINUE_PENDING = "Pending to continue"
    Const WMI_SERVICE_PAUSE_PENDING = "Pause Pending"
    WMI_SERVICE_PAUSED constant equals "Paused"
    Constant WMI_SERVICE_ERROR="Unknown"

    '// WMI *status* defines constants Some of them are related to the "Status" property
    Constant WMI_SERVICE_OK="OK"
    WMI_SERVICE_DEGRADED constant = "Degraded"
    WMI_SERVICE_UNKNOWN constant = "Unknown"
    The WMI_SERVICE_PRED_FAIL constant means "Pred Fail"

    vbscript stop service return code

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    Un Moyen Facile De Corriger Le Code De Retour Du Service D'arrêt VBScript
    Enkelt Sätt Att Fixa VBScript-stopptjänstens Returkod
    Łatwy Sposób Na Naprawienie Kodu Powrotu Usługi Zatrzymania VBScript
    Manera Fácil De Arreglar El Código De Retorno Del Servicio De Parada De VBScript
    Gemakkelijke Manier Om De Retourcode Van De VBScript-stopservice Te Repareren
    Einfache Möglichkeit, Den Rückgabecode Des VBScript-Stoppdienstes Zu Beheben
    Простой способ исправить код возврата службы остановки VBScript
    Maneira Fácil De Corrigir O Código De Retorno Do Serviço De Parada Do VBScript
    Un Modo Semplice Per Correggere Il Codice Di Ritorno Del Servizio Di Arresto VBScript
    VBScript 중지 서비스 반환 코드를 수정하는 쉬운 방법

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