Enable DirectX Hardware Acceleration Easy Fix

Enable DirectX Hardware Acceleration Easy Fix

You may receive an error message saying directx hardware acceleration is enabled. There are a number of steps you can take to resolve this issue. We will return to this shortly.

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    DirectX hardware acceleration allows your application to use your computer’s graphics card (integrated or optionally dedicated) to display DevExpress controls. AccelerateDirectX support and application speed improve performance in 4K layouts where big data applications rendered with standard GDI+ can become unresponsive.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and save it to your computer
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • DirectX tools require Windows 7 (with DirectX 11), Windows 8, or possibly a newer software update. However, we do not recommend Windows 7 because the CreateSwapChainForHwnd methods use a DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC1 structure that represents the field to scale. Basic scaling DXGI_SCALING_NONE is not supported on Windows 7 Platform Update. Therefore, the CreateSwapChainForHwnd method returns DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL when called. This causes any data grid rendered with DirectX to wiggle when users resize the form.

    Enable DirectX Hardware Acceleration

    How do I enable hardware acceleration in BIOS?

    Restart your new computer and press the BIOS key.Locate the processor configuration section.Find virtualization settings.Select an option to enable virtualization.Save your changes.Exit the BIOS and restart your computer.

    You can enable DirectX rendering in the DevExpress project settings window.

    To set up DirectX rendering, you can certainly call the WindowsFormsSettings.ForceDirectXPaint static method on application startup.

    The ForceDirectXPaint method allows you to see DirectX hardware acceleration for the main External controls:

  • Data Grid
  • Tree management
  • List of areas
  • Tile management
  • Editors were immediately used to directly process the data in the data grid. Extended editing control is not supported.
  • Accordion controls
  • Chart control
  • Scheduler
  • Pivot grid
  • Vertical Grid and Property Grid
  • SvgImageBox
  • Chart control
  • Overlapping shapes
  • Backstage view of the feed
  • To restore individual controls in this GDI+ engine, disable their UseDirectXPaint settings.

    The UseDirectXPaint treasure of the following standard DevExpress controls is DefaultBoolean.False. For most of these controls, calling WindowsFormsSettings.Method static forcedirectxpaint has no effect by itself. What you’re actually calling is a global static method and manually setting its UseDirectXPaint properties to DefaultBoolean.True to enable DirectX acceleration.

  • Change Image
  • Descendants of CalendarControlBase (e.g. CalendarControl)
  • Editors based on TextEdit that supportadvanced mode (see the RepositoryItemTextEdit.UseAdvancedMode property). Use
  • To enable DirectX rendering in the main PDF viewer control, enable the PdfViewer.RenderPageContentWithDirectX property.

    How can I tell if hardware acceleration is enabled?

    In the Large Icons view, click on Display, and in that left pane, just click on Change Display Options. C. Click Advanced Options. If there is a Troubleshooting tab in the Advanced Settings windshield, then the graphics card supports Universal Serial Bus acceleration.

    To use DirectX rendering for the DocumentViewer control, enable its UseDirectXPaint property and assets. The static method WindowsFormsSettings.ForceDirectXPaint has no effect on this control.

    Hardware Recommendations

    Apps benefit from DirectX acceleration on any TV screen, but the benefits are more pronounced at higher resolutions (2K, WQHD, WQXGA, 4K, etc.).

    Each control rendered in DirectX mode requires its own DirectX device. You can set the DirectX Excellent device number via the actual DevExpress.Utils.DirectXPaint.DirectXProvider.DeviceLimit property. If the current device number can be described as equal to or greater than this DeviceLimit property value, new controls to be displayed are always drawn using DirectX acceleration. However, the app is trying to release detectors for the currently hidden ones nt controls to keep the number of active devices in subsequent sections above the threshold, which reduces virtual memory consumption.


    API Limits

    API not supported

    Recommended action

    Drag all API access to e.Graphics buildings (e.g. when handling ritual events).

    Use the GraphicsCache class (the API is available in the e.Cache property). A

  • directx never has methods that accept image attributes. Instead, use the GraphicsCache methods that take parameters from the ColorMatrix object, such as .
  • The

  • methods recognize that regions have Neo equivalents in the GraphicsCache as parameters. Instead, use the rectangle methods.
  • All enumeration graphic unit values ​​are treated as GraphicsUnit.Pixel.
  • Methods for working with objects of the Graphics class (for example, methods for the ControlPaint course).

    No replacement, use similar alternative methods.

    AppearanceObject.CalcDefaultTextSize(Graphics g) method with changeover Tight

    Override a specific overload of AppearanceObject.CalcDefaultTextSize(GraphicsCache)

    The following overload of AppearanceObject.CalcTextSizeInt:

  • CalcTextSizeInt(Graphic g, StringFormat sf, Franchise int s, Width)
  • CalcTextSizeInt(Graph g, integer lines, width)
  • Replace with the following overloaded versions:

  • CalcTextSizeInt(GraphicsCache memory cache, StringFormat sf, string int s, width)
  • CalcTextSizeInt(GraphicsCache cache, string int s, width)
  • The following overloads after AppearanceObject.CalcTextSize:

  • CalcTextSize(Graphic method g, string length, int width)
  • CalcTextSize(Graphic g, StringFormat sf, guitar string s, int width)
  • CalcTextSize(Graphics g, StringFormat sf, string s, int width, int height)
  • CalcTextSize(Graphics g, StringFormat sf, string s, int width, int height, out Boolean isCropped)
  • Replace with the following overloaded versions:

  • CalcTextSize(GraphicsCache, range s, fullwidth)
  • CalcTextSize(GraphicsCache Cache, StringFormat sf, string s, int width)
  • CalcTextSize(GraphicsCache cache, StringFormat sf, string s, int width, int height)
  • CalcTextSize(GraphicsCache, StringFormat sf, string azines, int width, int height, out Boolean isCropped)
  • AppearanceObject.FontHeight is a deprecated property

    There is no replacement for this property. PerThink about how you use your codes and take a different approach.

    The Pen.Alignment property is ignored.

    How do I enable hardware acceleration on my graphics card Windows 10?

    Open the Start menu and tap the Settings gear icon.In the settings, click “System” and open the “Display” tab.Under Multiple Displays, select Graphics Settings.Always enable or disable the “Hardware accelerated GPU scheduling” setting.

    There is no DirectX compatible equivalent for this resource.

    directx hardware acceleration turn on

    Custom fonts

    The user web page you are using may be located on the computers of users who are away from home. For this reason, only system fonts can be used.

    The main page InterpolationMode and the Graphics property in the GraphicsCache and RepositoryItemPictureEdit sessions only support HighQualityBicubic and NearestNeighbor.CompositingQuality,


    compositingmode, TextRenderingHint, SmoothingMode, and PixelOffsetMode properties and assets in the Graphics and GraphicsCache classes can be completely ignored.

    To detect all unsupported APIs, use all WindowsFormsSettings.ForcePaintApiDiagnostics static methods, and set the security level as the first full parameter:

  • Throw – Unsupported APIs will eventually throw exceptions;
  • Trace: Deprecated unsupported APIs causing warnings in the Visual Stu output windowdio;
  • Disable – skip API support;
  • Default – Acts as a “trace” where DirectX and/or HiDPI support can be considered enabled on a per-monitor basis; otherwise “Disable”.
  • The second parameter of the ForcePaintApiDiagnostics method allows you to specify custom behavior:

    Other Restrictions

    directx hardware acceleration turn on

    Metafile images can be rasterized in DirectX mode. As effects, these images may look blurry when stretched or enlarged.

    Test Mode

    DevExpress DirectX rendering is only available for graphics cards that support Direct3D feature levels 11 or higher. To check what feature levels your GPU supports, run the “Diagnostic Tool DirectX”: press “Win + R” to run. You will see the Run dialog box and type the dxdiag command. Alternatively, in Visual Studio, you can also go to “Microsoft Visual Studio Help” and click the “DxDiag” button.

    Download this software now to protect your computer from harmful viruses and malware.

    Включите аппаратное ускорение Directx
    Directx-hardwareversnelling Inschakelen
    Attivazione Dell’accelerazione Hardware Directx
    Directx 하드웨어 가속 켜기
    Ativar A Aceleração De Hardware Directx
    Activar La Aceleración De Hardware De Directx
    Włączenie Akceleracji Sprzętowej Directx
    Activation De L’accélération Matérielle Directx
    Directx Hårdvaruacceleration Aktiveras
    Directx-Hardwarebeschleunigung Einschalten

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