Troubleshooting Steps For Debug Explorer Shell Extension

Troubleshooting Steps For Debug Explorer Shell Extension


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    Here are some easy ways that can help you solve the debug explorer shell extension issue. Shell extensions are already in-process objects that com extend the capabilities of the Windows operating system. Most extension checkers are automatically installed by our operating system, but there are many other applications that install shell extension components, among many others.

    How do I debug in Windows Explorer?

    Show start menu.Press CTRL+SHIFT and right-click the mouse background on the right half of the entire Start Menu.Select “Exit” from the File Explorer menu that appears.

    This section explains how to debug shell and namespace DLL extensions.

  • Running a shell under a debugger
  • Continue testing shell extensions ki
  • Unloading a DLL
  • Launching A Partial Shell In The Debugger

    How do I debug a shell extension?

    Click on the taskbar and press -alt-f4 you will immediately display the shutdown dialog.Press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Esc, this combination will most likely close File Explorer.Use alt-tab, go back to Visual Studio, and press F5 – File Explorer now launches with the VS debugger it was bound to from the start.


    Your useful extension should trigger sound from a debugger shell. Do the following:

    1. Load the extension project into the debugger, each but don’t run it.

    2. Close the shell.

    3. For Windows Vista and above:
      1. Show the first part of the start menu. About
      2. Press CTRL+SHIFT and right-click on the smart start menu background.
      3. In the menu that appears, select Exit Explorer from. Windows
    4. in xp:
      1. From the Start menu, select Shut down.
      2. Press ctrl+alt+shift and click “No” in the Windows chat stop window.
    5. The shell has stopped, now only all other applications are running all the time, including the debugger.

    6. Set the option for “Debugger” to “Explorer extension dll.exe from Windows directory”.

    7. debug explorer shell extension

      Launch the flash drive from the debugger. Shell will probably launch it normally, but the main debugger will be attached to the shell process.

    Running And Testing Shell Extensions

    You canRun and test your extensions from a separate Windows Explorer process without shutting down or restarting your computer or taskbar. Your desktop and taskbar are still usable for now, people are running and testing extensions.

    To enable this feature, add the following registry to reg_dword.

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  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER SoftwareMicrosoftwindowCurrent versionResearcher  means desktop process 1

    Your company must unsubscribe and resubscribe for this list to take effect. Thus, laptop or computer settings and taskbar windows run in one Explorer.exe process, while Explorer.exe windows and folders open in another Explorer.exe process. /p>
    debug explorer shell extension

    Not only does this setting make it easier to run and test your extensions, but it also lets you see if the desktop is reliable, more so because it correlates with shell extensions loaded in the non-desktop Explorer.exe process. When this process is completed, the screen and taskbar remain intact, and then the file explorer or window recreates the abandoned program.Process.

    Download DLL

    The shell automatically unloads DLLs, some of them when the usage count is zero, but only after the DLL has not been used for a while. This nightly downtime can be too long when especially debugging a shell extension DLL. You can shorten the period of inactivity by adding the registry to exactly the following information.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SoftwareMicrosoftwindowCurrent versionResearcherAlwaysUnloadDll

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  • I’m trying to debug a shell file extension (IContextMenu) on Windows 7 using Visual C++ 2008. I’ve set DesktopProcess=1 on the registry and smartphone host app in explorer.exe. When I start the debugger, it launches explorer. And exe is eventually separated from the process. shell extension From dllmain is not called.

    The same code with exactly the same parameters, but run in the debugger without any special steps Problems under Windows xp + Visual C++ 2008.

    asked about August 26, 2009 at 1:16 am.

    Code SnakeCodeSnake



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